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      • Disconnected from the 'Information Superhighway'
        There was a FedEx truck going through the neighborhood and it ripped the cable internet line right off the telephone pole by my house! Incidentally, the power got knocked out for about an hour. But the real bummer (especially for a home web server admin like myself) is that the internet line took ab

      • Youtube Chromeless Player
        Now this is pretty cool! You can have control over Youtubes posted on your website. You can get to it from

        Looks like it would be fun to integrate and work with. It shows more stats than the typical player does.

      • LitlURL back up and running
        Had a little glitch with the web server over the past several days (who knows how long!). MySQL would suddenly vanish away. It was noticeable as any of my websites that use databases wouldn't deliver any content. I kept restarting it and it would terminate unexpectedly somewhere between 5 minut

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