Disconnected from the 'Information Superhighway' 

There was a FedEx truck going through the neighborhood and it ripped the cable internet line right off the telephone pole by my house! Incidentally, the power got knocked out for about an hour. But the real bummer (especially for a home web server admin like myself) is that the internet line took about 8 hours to get back online again! So all my websites were sidelined and crying... Now everything's happy again and running like a dream!

Here's the article as it made it into the Telegraph-Forum, our local newspaper: http://litlurl.net/30d8.
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Youtube Chromeless Player 

Now this is pretty cool! You can have control over Youtubes posted on your website. You can get to it from http://litlurl.net/youtube_api.

Looks like it would be fun to integrate and work with. It shows more stats than the typical player does.
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Entertainment with HDs 

Here's a creative way to get rid of old hard drives.

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New Web Service 

I've recently been looking into live streaming for our church services. I didn't understand where to get started. I saw tutorials for Linux and wondered if I could pull it off using Windows. Different tutorials said to use different software. So several months ago, I was quite confused and just gave up.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a really nice website that gives all the steps to setting up a shoutcast server in Windows. The streaming concept is pretty smart, and that's what I learned about. You use the Winamp plugin to encode the stream and it sends it out to a DNAS server. This is just a program running on a high-speed internet connection that receives the stream from the source and distributes it to clients.

So we now are capable of live streaming our church services on the web!

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Yay!!! Today I figured out how to do some AJAX. Yesterday I found a simple script that would perform an AJAX request, but I wanted something a little more in depth. I found just what I needed at

Generally, I avoid Javascript altogether. I really have no need of it and just plain don't like client-side scripting. But this AJAX stuff is pretty cool! If you have any good links or material, please post a comment.

Here's my first AJAX app. Sounds pretty nerdy! http://pksml.net/antipixel_ajax

AJAX links:
* http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/views ... ering+Ajax
* http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/j ... index.html
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