Disconnected from the 'Information Superhighway' 

There was a FedEx truck going through the neighborhood and it ripped the cable internet line right off the telephone pole by my house! Incidentally, the power got knocked out for about an hour. But the real bummer (especially for a home web server admin like myself) is that the internet line took about 8 hours to get back online again! So all my websites were sidelined and crying... Now everything's happy again and running like a dream!

Here's the article as it made it into the Telegraph-Forum, our local newspaper: http://litlurl.net/30d8.
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LitlURL back up and running 

Had a little glitch with the web server over the past several days (who knows how long!). MySQL would suddenly vanish away. It was noticeable as any of my websites that use databases wouldn't deliver any content. I kept restarting it and it would terminate unexpectedly somewhere between 5 minutes or 5 hours later.
Anyhow, I thought I trashed my entire database. That would mean having to 1) restore a very outdated MySQL dump and 2) discover what the original problem was.
Well, it turns out that my database files were corrupted and have been for quite some time. Good to know! (That's what those server logs are for :-) ) So I made a current dump of all the databases and wiped everything out. Then I just restored the databases and all is well again!

Oh the joys of being a sysadmin!
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