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Criminals --- smart? Nope, not this one...

Delayed convict steals car to get back to jail

Reuters Life!
Fri Jan 26, 9:56 AM ET

DUBLIN, Jan 25 (Reuters Life!) - An Irish convict who stole a car to get back to prison after missing a weekend release deadline has been given a six month suspended jail sentence.

Trevor Doyle, 25, grabbed the vehicle after falling asleep on a bus and overshooting his stop near Shelton Abbey open prison in Arklow on Ireland's southeast coast, Wexford district court officials said Thursday.

The court, which would not reveal the man's prior conviction, also fined him 300 euros ($390) for failing to submit to a breathalyzer test.

Source: ... d_thief_dc
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Blogging Time Again 

Yes, I guess it's that time again. :tongue:

Life has been pretty busy lately.

Christmas was a fun time to spend with family up in Michigan. Unfortunately, there was no snow! This has been the first green Christmas up there that I remember. We left on Christmas Eve after our afternoon church service. On Christmas day, we went to my Aunt Sue and Uncle John's house, as is tradition. I helped fix his Macintosh computer, which I've never used before. At my grandma's house, we went out into the woods for a short time. It was muddy instead of snowy, which was a bummer.
Then we went to my mom's side of the family. We had fun and Philip and I played pool in my grandma's garage.
I got some neat presents. Some clothes, some videos, some money, some noise-canceling headphones, and that's about it.

This week has been crazy and stressful at work. I worked a few hours of overtime. The stress pushed me closer to my limits.

On Friday (yesterday), my dad and I went to a college alumni fellowship meeting. Basically, it's a preaching meeting. It was in Akron, Ohio at Community Baptist Temple. There was some excellent preaching and singing. Pastor O'Donnell preached about Soul-winning, and Pastor Thayer of Massillon Baptist Temple spoke on missions, followed by Pastor Huth of Stow Baptist Church. I had a great time, as it was like a big Christian family reunion. I saw many friends.
Then my family and I went to my brother's basketball game. The JH boys team lost their game by 1 point! If they would've made their last free-throw, they would have tied and gone into OT. The Varsity boys game beat their opponents 63-58. It was quite intense for the last few minutes. Then the Varsity girls played and soundly defeated their opponents, almost tripling the score of the other team. After the game, I joined my brother and part of the team at Pizza Hut, where we acted like immature adolescents. :)

Today will be busy as I'm preaching tomorrow and have several things to get done on my to-do list -- which probably won't get done...
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In a hurry to get ... busted 

Here's yet another genius! :tongue:

Indiana Police Clock Teen at 142 Mph

The Associated Press
Tuesday, December 12, 2006; 10:58 PM

VALPARAISO, Ind. -- A teenager charged with driving 142 mph along a four-lane divided highway said he was speeding home so his parents wouldn't be mad at him for being late, police said.

Brandon D. Raap, 16, faces speeding and misdemeanor reckless driving charges and could have his license suspended, police said. ...

Raap told police he was late getting home and didn't want his parents to be angry, Deputy John Brubaker said in his report. Raap told Brubaker he didn't have a curfew but is usually home by midnight.

Source: ... 27_pf.html
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Impatience May Lead to Court 

This one made me laugh pretty good. What a dumb woman!

Store manager assaulted with potatoes

The Associated Press
Wednesday, December 13, 2006; 4:50 PM

LIBERTY, Ohio - A grocery store manager was struck in the head with a 10-pound sack of potatoes by a customer angry about having to wait in line, police say. Police in Liberty, near Youngstown in northeast Ohio, say a 59-year-old woman from Youngstown is suspected in the attack.

Scott Renzenbrink, 45, told police a clerk having problems with a customer called him to the register. The customer told him she was upset about the wait and struck the manager in the back of head with the potatoes when he was walking away after the conversation, according to police.

A witness followed the woman out to the parking lot and took down her license plate number.

Renzenbrink, who was not seriously hurt in the attack last Thursday, identified the woman by a Bureau of Motor Vehicles photo. He may file assault charges.

Source: ... SFeeds0312
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A Serviceman to Be 

My brother, Philip is going to be a United States Marine next year.

He had a wonderful adventure trying to get in. He had to go to Cleveland to MEPS and undergo a physical. There was a holdup about that. It was cleared up with a doctor's excuse. But the doctor's unclear handwriting caused them to believe there was another problem. That was cleared up, and now he has officially sworn in.

Next year, he'll ship out at the end of July.

Check out his site -->
(also mirrored at

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