Ohio Weather - Nuttier than an Acorn 

What a weird place Ohio is. Wait 5 minutes if you don't like the weather, because it'll change! I know that's a dumb and over-used cliche...

Yesterday, it started getting warm in the afternoon. It was a little chilly in the morning, but rose to the mid-40's after church in the morning. It was windy, but it seems to have been windy for the past several months. There's a random thought for ya' -- when the wind stops... Anyways, it rose to 50 degrees and was quite pleasant for this time of year. At church in the evening, it was windy but sunny. Then it started to rain, and boy did it! The lights flickered a little and you could hear the rain beat on the roof of the church. They buzzed a little more near the end of the service and then the torrent came! It turns out it was hail hitting the roof with blistering speed. My dad couldn't hardly preach with that much noise, so he had to end his sermon rather impromptu, though at the regular time.

After church, I went home and discovered all the lights were off. We were out of power. Instinctively, I tried turning on several light switches, and guess what -- none of them worked! The church had power, the bank had power, BK had power, McD had power, the apartments next door had power, the stores across the street had power, but we didn't. That was kind of stinky.
So we had a candlelight breakfast for dinner after church. Cereal and milk was the specialty of the evening. The power was out from about 7:30 to 9:30pm. They got it on pretty quickly.

Well, after the torrential downpours of the previous evening, today we got a fresh snowfall. I'm beginning to get sick of this cycle. Uggghhh! It should get warm or we should get a huge snowfall that sticks. Well, now it's cold and all that water's going to freeze. Yay.

Hurry up spring!
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Yay!!! Today I figured out how to do some AJAX. Yesterday I found a simple script that would perform an AJAX request, but I wanted something a little more in depth. I found just what I needed at

Generally, I avoid Javascript altogether. I really have no need of it and just plain don't like client-side scripting. But this AJAX stuff is pretty cool! If you have any good links or material, please post a comment.

Here's my first AJAX app. Sounds pretty nerdy! http://pksml.net/antipixel_ajax

AJAX links:
* http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/views ... ering+Ajax
* http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/j ... index.html
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A Serviceman to Be 

My brother, Philip is going to be a United States Marine next year.

He had a wonderful adventure trying to get in. He had to go to Cleveland to MEPS and undergo a physical. There was a holdup about that. It was cleared up with a doctor's excuse. But the doctor's unclear handwriting caused them to believe there was another problem. That was cleared up, and now he has officially sworn in.

Next year, he'll ship out at the end of July.

Check out his site --> http://philip.calvarybucyrus.org
(also mirrored at http://philiplance.is-a-geek.com)

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Blog Up and Running! 


Thanks for visiting my blog. It is posted at http://stephen.calvarybucyrus.org/blog/index.php.

I hope to be posting content here at least once a week. I will post what's going on in my life. Feel free to comment and let me know what's happening in your sphere.
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