Color Changes 

The weather certainly has changed from summer! The trees are eliciting shades of orange, yellow, pink, and red. With that turnabout comes the cold weather. It's been much cooler lately, and frost is making its entrance.

I've been playing around with my blog setup for the past couple days. Notice the different colors and style! I like the blue theme. I hope to put a fresh face on my website's homepage soon. It needs a new layout.

Another major goal met was getting my room clean! :tongue: Seeing all that mess really started to bother me, so I finally got it taken care of.

Right now, I'm working on upgrading our web server. Yes, the one you're viewing this page from. I have a 1.2 gHz AMD computer that's getting XP on it right now. If it shows itself more stable than the current server (Win98SE), then it gets the job!

Sometimes, it's quite ironic that people think a pastor's life is a cakewalk. They think he spend a few hours a day in his office, gets his sermons off the internet, and plays games a lot. That couldn't be farther from the truth!
I'm finding out how busy the little things can keep you. My dad ( has been giving me more responsibilities as youth pastor. I'm working more with children now. Though it gets busy, it's fun.

My todo list getting quite long! I guess that's from spending too much time on the little binary box!
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Nine Down, Three To Go 

This year is just flying by! It'll be 2007 in less than 100 days! Nine months are down and there are three to go.

Early in September, my sister flew back to Florida for year two at Pensacola Christian College ( She is already getting extremely busy as the homework and class projects stack up. I remember that feeling almost all too well. :) She switched her major from criminal justice to missions this year.

On September 18, I got hired in at Baja. I've been working the past three months there with the temp service. So I move from $9/hr to $10.48/hr for starting wages. I'll move to $11.02, then to $11.59, to $12.18, and be making $12.75 next September! It's really a pretty good job. I'm enjoying my bank account balance rebounding up and up! College drained it pretty good.

I'm getting my hopes up for winter! It seems to be coming fast. The weather forecast (weather forecast) predicts that there will be frost on the ground tonight! The low is in the 30's.
No, I don't like winter's cold weather, but I do like snow! I hope December 18 greets Bucyrus, Ohio with a foot of snow. Then I'm going to get a big snowblower and we're going to make a snow fort again.

Philip's last soccer season is going alright. He has a game today that I'm going to. That'll be fun.

I went to Pennsylvania for the first time last month. The college I went to ( has Alumni fellowship meetings 3 times a year, and this one was in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. We had preaching services in an open-air chapel that was originally a horse house (I think). I enjoyed seeing my friends from college (Jon, Josh, Justin...) and spending the night there.

Anyways, that's all for now, folks!
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Computer... hate... 

Wow, it's nearly been three weeks since I posted last! Where does all the time go?

For three weeks, we had a French boy at our house. His hometown is Niece (not sure on the spelling). He was like a foreign-exchange student, but on summer break. It was very interesting hearing his French accent pronouncing English words, especially when reading the Bible. Anyways, we had a fun time with him and he enjoyed his stay. Anna and Philip got to do things with him. I couldn't do too much because I had to work. Bummer!

I've had much computer frustrations recently. Arrrgggghhh! At times, I just want my computer to become a boat anchor. I have a 120GB hard drive with my entire digital life on it. It stopped working. After much headache, I set the jumper on it to slave (it previously had no jumper) and it revived. Lesson to you kiddies: always back up information you don't want to lose! I think this hard drive is on the fritz, so I bought a 250GB hard drive with an external USB casing for it for $70 after rebates.
Excellent computer deals --> TigerDirect

Today, I bought a Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB MP3 player. It's really cool! With no moving parts, it plays music for 18 hours on 1 AAA battery. It plays music, records voice, FM radio (and can record it), and can record from line-in (like from a CD player). It only cost me about $70 at Wal-Mart - yes, I supported Communism and some Chinese sweatshop today. :tongue:
Link --> Creative Zen Nano Plus

Tomorrow, I'm leaving at 8:00am with my dad to take my sister to the Akron-Canton airport. She's leaving for her second year at Pensacola Christian College (Pensacola, Florida). It has been nice to have her here for the summer. Later in the afternoon, our church youth group is going to the Columbus Clippers baseball game. They are the AAA baseball team of the New York Yankees. My family is going there to root for the opponents, the Toledo Mudhens. They are the farm team for the 1st place Detroit Tigers! It should be a good game.

This week at work has been the shortest yet at only 40:35. The paycheck might not look to good, but it's way better than my checks from McDonald's.
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Funny Quizzes 


Take this test. It's pretty funny.
It's supposed to tell you at what age you're likely to die.

Actually, click here -->


Here's another test. It'll take you about 5-10 minutes, and is hilarious is you've ever been called a "nerd" or "geek".

I scored 93%. Check it out -->
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Another year older... 

Birthdays? I almost have forgotten about mine. I know what day it is on, but it seems just like any other day. I almost forgot. But it's a nice surprise. So I am 21 now! It introduces a few changes... 1) I can legally drink (which I WON'T take advantage of), 2) I must renew my driver's license (just did that today), and 3) I must renew my debit card (which I got in the mail today).

I didn't feel like celebrating my birthday on Tuesday. The day was very long at work and I just wanted to crash. We finally celebrated my birthday yesterday. We went out to eat at Long John Silver's. Anna and Philip got me a book with nearly all models of Mustangs! It's a really cool book. My parents are going to get me some comic books. I want "Pearls Before Swine". This has to be just about the most funny comic I read. I like Calvin and Hobbes (all-time favorite, though the strip is retired), Foxtrot, Dilbert, and Pearls Before Swine. You can read these daily comics at my website (

This past week has been tiring. I only worked 45 hours this week, but Tuesday was over 12 hours! I liked getting my paycheck today. It was my biggest yet! I am just about bill-free. I sent in my last payment for my truck today. I have a few more bills to catch up on, but I will be debt-free in a week! How exciting.
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