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Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day

Yahoo News
From hijabs to cosplay, Indonesian finds calling in cat fashion makeovers
Wagging tails: therapy dog cheers Spanish special-needs kids during COVID
Change is in the hair: Thai royalist turns rebel
Kaavan, Pakistan's lonesome elephant, starts new life in Cambodia
UK PM Johnson: Don't worry kids, COVID won't stop Father Christmas
Space oddity? Monolith in Utah desert mystifies helicopter crew
Brazilian clothes brand removes image of Hindu deity from shorts
Singapore activist faces fine over one-man smiley face sign protest
Belgian scientists name mantis after Attenborough
Defying virus, Latvian ocean rower plans next adventure
US jails man who bought Lamborghini with government loan
Detained 'drug smuggler' cat escapes Sri Lanka prison
Time to change: Virus-hit US urges people to spend coins
'Model' customers keep Tokyo diners at social distance
Banksy triptych raises $3 million for Palestinian hospital
NY governor pans concert where Goldman Sachs CEO performed
Sheepish St Bernard dog rescued from English mountain
Ukraine president defends movie post to end hostage crisis
In Sweden, female priests now outnumber male ones
Bovine fine: Borneo tribal slur costs man eight buffaloes, plus gongs
Rare twin red-ruffed lemurs born at Singapore zoo
Bearing no malice: Pompeo denies Pooh-poohing Xi
Tintin and the mystery of the duelling mummies
Silent screams: Japan rollercoaster virus guide wins hearts
I still love sharks: bloodied woman unbowed after Australia attack
Alpine melt yields old India headlines: Indira Gandhi is PM
Ex-soldier who fled with puma turns himself over to police
Up for grabs: Tokyo art exhibit invites theft
British man jailed for trying to steal Magna Carta
Royal rivalry in Italian Riviera 'micronation'
Musk mocks Tesla short-sellers by selling short shorts
Holiday park sculpture by artist Calder on sale in Paris
Hundreds of drones light up Seoul sky with virus messages
Dutch ID cards will soon omit gender, says minister
China tech giant Tencent duped by saucy scammers
Turkmen leader dedicates poem to 'wonderful' wheat
Panda gifted by China gives birth to second cub in Taiwan
Bias against women driven by people who think it doesn't exist: study
Fourth time lucky? Danish PM forced to postpone wedding again
Stranded surfer says Argentina must repatriate dogs too
Never mind the skyscrapers, grab a deckchair on Milan's 'beach'
Maurice, the French rooster who ruffled feathers, will crow no more
Must be glove: the Japan man obsessed with lost gloves
Putin has 'disinfection tunnel' to protect him from coronavirus
Vienna man fined 500 euros for deliberate 'massive flatulence'
Plain plane go away: UK PM orders official jet paint job
Sub surfaces to let Norway sailors take the plunge
'Baby dragons' go on display in Slovenia
In Spain, the white lion cub whose mum didn't want him
US author declares decade-long treasure hunt in Rockies finally over

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