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This upgrades the server from a Core2 Duo laptop.


  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz (virtualized)
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 10 GB HD (OS)
  • 40 GB HD (Data)
  • Debian 9
  • Abyss X2 v2.14
Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day

Yahoo News
Thailand serves up cannabis cuisine to happy customers
Magicians mark 100 years of sawing people in half
Welcome to Brexit - now hand us your sandwich
South Korean firm's smart dog collar tells owners what's in a bark
Stalin-themed cafe in Moscow closed after public outcry
Scientists surprised to discover two dwarf giraffes in Namibia, Uganda
Danes divided over children's TV show about a superpower penis
German pilot makes point with syringe in the sky
Colombian taxi driver and canine co-pilot spread Christmas cheer
Santa on his way, vaccinated and free of quarantine restrictions - U.S. officials
Happy Fishmas - Thai aquarium gets surprise Santa visit
Santa rides elephants to Thai town, bearing gifts of face masks
Chilean president handed $3,500 fine for mask-less selfie with stranger on beach
Blood of Naples saint fails to liquefy in what some see as bad omen
Wearing someone else's face: Hyper-realistic masks to go on sale in Japan
Like son, like father: Alberta dad gets tattoo to match son's birthmark
Japan's Pajama Suit helps teleworkers look good for Zoom calls
Hearts aflutter, China's pigeon racing enthusiasts spend big to indulge their passion
Solo sauna a hot favourite in Tokyo as coronavirus cases rise
Chinese ?iron crotch? kung fu masters fight to preserve a painful-looking tradition
Got to get you into my life: Argentine 'John Lennon' channels spirit of the Beatles
Asteroid sample arrives in Japan after six-year space odyssey
Santa skips court to deliver gifts in his convertible
Young Egyptian finds fortune in scorpions
Metallic monolith pops up outside Pittsburgh candy store
Monolith monotony? Another mystery structure appears and vanishes in California
From hijabs to cosplay, Indonesian finds calling in cat fashion makeovers
Wagging tails: therapy dog cheers Spanish special-needs kids during COVID
Change is in the hair: Thai royalist turns rebel
Kaavan, Pakistan's lonesome elephant, starts new life in Cambodia
UK PM Johnson: Don't worry kids, COVID won't stop Father Christmas
Space oddity? Monolith in Utah desert mystifies helicopter crew
Brazilian clothes brand removes image of Hindu deity from shorts
Singapore activist faces fine over one-man smiley face sign protest
Belgian scientists name mantis after Attenborough
Defying virus, Latvian ocean rower plans next adventure
US jails man who bought Lamborghini with government loan
Detained 'drug smuggler' cat escapes Sri Lanka prison
Time to change: Virus-hit US urges people to spend coins
'Model' customers keep Tokyo diners at social distance
Banksy triptych raises $3 million for Palestinian hospital
NY governor pans concert where Goldman Sachs CEO performed
Sheepish St Bernard dog rescued from English mountain
Ukraine president defends movie post to end hostage crisis
In Sweden, female priests now outnumber male ones
Bovine fine: Borneo tribal slur costs man eight buffaloes, plus gongs
Rare twin red-ruffed lemurs born at Singapore zoo
Bearing no malice: Pompeo denies Pooh-poohing Xi
Tintin and the mystery of the duelling mummies
Silent screams: Japan rollercoaster virus guide wins hearts server stats

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